The Revd Leigh Maydew

Welcome to my blog.

I am a Probationer Presbyter (Minister) in the Bristol and South Gloucestershire Circuit. Starting a blog as a way of keeping in touch with congregations (and others).

Latest from the Blog

Ash Wednesday

Today marks the beginning of the period of Lent, a period where we join with Christ in his journey through the wilderness as we prepare ourselves for the events of Easter. As we’re not able to meet together in-person at the moment, this years Ash Wednesday service took place online and can be found below.

Covenant Sunday

On December 25, 1747, John Wesley strongly urged the Methodists to renew their Covenant with God. His first Covenant Service was held in the French Church at Spitalfields on August 11, 1755. (Book of Offices, 1936). Ever since that time, Methodist’s around the world have annual recommitted themselves to the work God calls them toContinue reading “Covenant Sunday”

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The Revd Leigh Maydew

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